December 1, 2010
by Celeste Tinajero
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We won!

Thanks to all our supporters for voting daily throughout October and November! Today we received confirmation fro Pepsi that we will receive $50,000 to fund our High School Sustainability Plan Competition.

The competition information will be released in the next week, and will be open to all Washoe County High Schools. We are extremely excited to have funding to support the winning schools with implementing their sustainability plans!

Thanks for all your help!

– David (Envirolution), and the rest of the GREENevada Coalition


November 12, 2010
by Celeste Tinajero
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Currently #7, on track to receive $50,000

We are currently in 7th place for $50,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Competition, with the top ten projects receiving funds!!!

For the month of November, we partnered with the Progressive Slate, a group with thousands of voters committed to supporting each others’ projects.  Sign up for daily email reminders to vote:

Thanks for your help!

– The GREENevada Team


September 30, 2010
by Celeste Tinajero
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Help us win $50,000 in the Pepsi Challenge

GREENevada is proud to compete in the October 2010 Pepsi Challenge! We’re competing for $50,000. In 2011, we’re going to launch a sustainability plan competition for high school students in Washoe County. If we win the Pepsi Challenge, most of the funding would towards helping students implement their plan to make their school more sustainable.
Help us win $50,000!
We need your help! Please vote for us every day in October by logging in to:

To get a daily reminder, follow us on Facebook; you can use your Facebook ID to vote on the Pepsi website, and it only takes seconds!