April 26, 2011
by Celeste Tinajero
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Sustainability Competition Finals!

Channel 8 News clip of the event Friday:,S,201104,677f16ad-c68b-446e-a55d-01e4cff284a7&ReqServer=NDS5%5CNDS5&QueryName=&Offset=414&Time=12gf(74f2VvciV4f(74lb74f2Vvq(74f(i&E=12gS27yY2Wee27Jf(hIlH7_qH7Jl(i&EM=Notify Congrats to all the schools for their terrific work! With $1,000 to $12,000 awards to fund their plans, its time to get busy making our community more sustainable!

April 14, 2011
by Celeste Tinajero
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GREENevada Competition Final Presentations

Next Friday, April 22nd, 2011, on the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, final presentations will be given at the UNR College of Education. Nine teams, from The Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology, Davidson Academy, Rainshadow Community Charter High School, … Continue reading