Student Resources

Idle Free Schools for Washoe County

To WCSD administration, teachers, students and parents: The GREENevada partnership and its students and teachers are asking you to join us in making Washoe County schools Idle Free Zones for all buses and cars.  You can help by signing this petition and by keeping your own car engine off whenever you’re parked at a school.

Why is this important? PSA Idling Video by Green Paws Environmental Club at Spanish Spring High School

Creating Idle Free Zones for Washoe County schools is a win-win-win for people, the planet and our pockets.


Idling cars and buses produce harmful tailpipe emissions that create smog, worsening air quality in Washoe County and affecting students’ health. Young people are particularly at risk from the health impacts of air pollution. CO2, the heat-trapping gas that causes climate change, also comes from car and bus tailpipes. Climate change is already making Nevada a hotter, drier place, increasing the risk of heat waves, droughts and wildfires.

Lastly, why waste gas? It’s only costing you money!

WCSD Green Initiatives

Learn about the green initiatives happening in the Washoe County School District to spark ideas for campaigns at your school. What is being done and what efforts are still needed? Solar Power and Single Stream Recycling are two initiatives with tremendous cost saving and environmental benefits.

America Recycles Day

irecycleAmerica Recycles Day takes place in November each year. Your school has the opportunity to host an event to help educate the student body and spread enthusiasm for recycling. Another option is to participate in a Recycle Bowl at your school, which is a fun, nationwide competition for elementary, middle and high school students.