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The Art of Sustainability: 

2019 Golden Pinecone Sustainability Award

Honoring Organizations and Individuals for their Sustainability Efforts in Our Community

GREENevada announces that we are hosting the 2019 Golden Pinecone Sustainability Awards on February 20, 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Reno to honor outstanding organizations and individuals for their achievements in improving and sustaining the environment.

The Golden Pinecone Sustainability Awards is a legacy event initiated by Environmental Leaders in 1991. The theme for this year’s event is “The Art of Sustainability.”

We are seeking nominations for this year’s event!

Winners will be chosen in each of the following eight (8) categories:

  • Individual (Volunteer/Agency Representative or Public Figure)
  • Nonprofit Organizations or Federal/State Agency
  • Small Business
  • Medium to Large Business
  • Youth Leadership
  • Educational Programming
  • Educator
  • Sustainability Milestone(s)

To submit a nomination please click here.

Past winners are not eligible to receive an award in the same category awarded previously for the past 5 years but can be nominated for new categories not already awarded in. Updated re submissions are encouraged for previous nominations. The same individual or organization may be nominated for more than one category. The submission deadline is Friday, November 30 at 12:00 PM (noon).

The Golden Pinecone Ball was started by Tod Bedrosian, Bob Fulkerson, Glenn Miller and Bob Loux to bring the environmental community together as friends and initially to get the community excited about stopping the dump of nuclear waste. The pinecone awards were handmade out of plywood, an ironic twist on formal award ceremonies to honor environmental achievements of the past year.


Last year’s event was enjoyed by Environmental Groups from all over Reno whose mission is to make our region cleaner, healthier and more desirable to live in.


Fiscal Sponsor for GREENevada and the Golden Pinecone Awards:



Below are the recipients for the last 30 years of Golden Pinecone events. Those awarded in the last 5 years are not eligible to be nominated in the same categories for the 2019 event but can be nominated for different categories. The same individual or organization may be nominated for more than one category.
Past Golden Pinecone Award Recipients
2017 Recipients:
  • Educational Program-Classrooms Unleashed by Sierra Nevada Journeys
  • Educator-Linda Conlin-River Wranglers
  • Individual/Volunteer- Mark Korinek-Carson City School District
  • Public Figure/Servant-Hilary Schieve, Mayor-City of Reno
  • Youth Leadership-Eric Duong-UNR Student
  • Nonprofit Organization-Walker Basin Conservancy
  • Federal/State Agency-Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)
  • Small Business-Environmental Management and Planning Solutions, Inc. (EMPSi)
  • Medium to Large Business-Otis Bay Ecological Consultants
  • Sustainability Milestones-Washoe County School District’s Sustainability Policy
2016 Recipients:
  • Educator – Leigh Metcalfe, Teacher, Reed High School
  • Educational Program – Project ReCharge-Envirolution/ UNR/Raggio Research Center for STEM Education
  • Individual / Volunteer – Sue Jacox, Founder and Board President, Great Basin Outdoor School
  • Nonprofit Organization or Federal/State Agency – Sierra Nevada Journeys – Reno
  • Medium to Large Business – One Nevada Credit Union – Reno
  • Small Business – Envirohaven – Reno, NV
  • Public Figure / Servant / Agency Representative – Carol Perry, Trip Reduction Specialist, Regional Transportation Commission
  • Youth Leadership – Cecy Cervantes, Student Assistant, USAC, Sparks, NV
  • Innovation Award – Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful/Nevada Land Trust for the One Truckee River Management Plan
2013 Recipients:
  • Youth Leadership: Celeste Tinajero, Reed High School
  • Educational Program: NV Energy greenpower program/ Fayth Ross
  • Public Figure: Washoe County Commissioner Kitty Jung
  • Business: Renu Oil of America, Inc., Las Vegas
  • Nonprofit: Snowlands Network
  • Individual: Erik Holland
Previous years (in alphabetic order):
Bob Abbey (2005)
Ernie Adler (1991)
Willie Albright (2002)
Leslie Allen (2008)
American Land Conservancy (1997)
AT&T Real Yellow Pages (2008)
Black Rock Solar (2008)
Bruce Bledsoe (2001)
David Bobzien (2007)
Karen Boeger (2003)
Tod Bedrosian (2007)
Jenny Brekhus (2003)
Faith Bremner (2000)
Richard Bryan (1994)
Caesars Entertainment Northern Nevada (2011)
Michael Cameron CANWIN (1994)
Carson City Open Space Advisory Committee (2011)
Champions of the River (1998)
Graham Chisholm (1998)
Citizen Alert (1988)
Glen Clemmer (2005)
Comstock Seed (2000)
Kyle Davis (2008)
Frankie Sue Del Papa (1995)
Kevin Dick (2000)
Susan Donaldson (2004)
Naomi Duerr (2000)
Mike Dwyer (2002)
Environmental Leadership (1991)
Vivian Freeman (1989)
Friends of Nevada Wilderness (2010)
Full Circle Compost (2003)
Joanne Garret (2005)
Jason Geddes (2006)
Virgil Getto (1992)
Dennis Ghiglieri (1999)
Bob Goodman (2000)
Great Basin Mine Watch (2002)
Mike Haley (2009)
Craig and Tim Hansen (2002)
Harvey’s (1994)
High Country News (1995)
David Hornbeck (2009)
Interpretive Gardens/PInyon Design (2001)
Beth Isasff (2002)
IVGID (2005)
Dan Jaquet (2010)
Joe Johnson, Renewable Energy Lobbyist (2011)
Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (2007)
Kiley Ranch Preservancy Foundation (2009)
Tom Knudson (1999)
The League to Save Lake Tahoe (2000)
Sheila Leslie (2006)
Local Food System Network:
Including Community Supported Agriculture,
Great Basin Food Co-op, Nevada Farmers
Market Assn. (2007)
Bob Loux (1994)
Susan Lynn (1997)
McDonald Carano Wilson LLP (2005)
Bob Miller (1992)
Glenn Miller (1992)
William Molini (1998)
Tina Mudd (2006)
Frank Mullen (1998)
Karen Mullen (2001)
Tina Nappe (2001)
The Nature Conservancy (2004)
Jim Nelson (1997)
Lynda Nelson (1999)
Neuffer Construction (1995)
Nevada Bell (1993)
Nevada Conservation Corps (2001)
Nevada Land Conservancy (2003)
Nevada Recycling Coalition (1992)
Nevada Wildlife Federation (1995)
Ormat Technologies (2009)
Patagonia (1999)
Grace Potorti (1991)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (1993)
REI (2004)
Alicia Reban (2010)
Harry Reid (1993)
Reno City Council (2010)
Reno Gazette-Journal (1994)
Reno News & Review (2003)
Elmer Rusco (1993)
Virginia Sanchez (1994)
Pete Sferrazza (2004)
Sierra Club (1989)
Sierra Pacific Power Company (2007)
Marge Sill (1989)
Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery (2002)
John Singlaub (2003)
Assemblywoman Debbie Smith (2011)
Doug Smith (2004)
Steve Smith, Bureau of Land Management
and Nevada Wilderness Coordinator (2011)
Gary Snyder (2003)
Rebecca Solnit (2005)
Rose Strickland (1990)
Mark Struble (2009)
Suzanne Sturtevant (1997)
Tahoe Rim Grail Assn. (1999)
Bruce Van Dyke (1993)
Don Vetter (2005)
Sue Voyles (2004)
Rebecca Wagner (2010)
Charles Watson, Sr. (1990)
Stephen Wells (2008)
Western Nevada Clean Communities (1993)
Bill Whitney (2007)
Mary Winston (2010)
Cliff Young (1988)

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