Job Position-Executive Director/The Green House Project

Job Description – Executive Director/ The Greenhouse Project (This is a Part Time contract position- 20 hours per week) Salary: $25,000 Filing will end August 30, 2019 Email to: Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.

Experience Required: At least 3 years experience in a supervisory capacity, At least 2 years experience in Fundraising Operations. Strong computer skills and ability to use bookkeeping and record keeping software. Leadership skills desired in interacting with community leaders to seek collaboration and funding opportunities. Comfortable with Social Media Postings, Horticulture or Agriculture experience a plus.

Working Relationships: 1. Reports to the BOD 2. Interacts with Greenhouse Managers (Manager & Assistant Manager), Action Committee Group, Carson Tahoe Hospital, Community Volunteers. 3. Interacts with donors and fundraising sources to promote The Greenhouse Project. 4. Interacts with city services & contracted businesses. 5. Ability to demonstrate skills in a leadership role.

Primary Responsibilities: 1. Greenhouse Operations 50%- Monitors & Compiles Budget, Policy Enforcement & Updates, Supervision & Evaluation of Greenhouse Manager, Interacts with Accountant, Tracks Americorps Personnel Hours, Attends Quarterly BOD Meetings & Completes tasks as assigned by the BOD.. 2. Community Outreach- 30%- An important team member in Fundraising Operations – Summer Concert, Spring Plant Sales & Fall Harvest Dinner. Identify New Revenue Streams, Maintain Donor Relations. 3. Marketing 20%- Social Media Posts, Website Updates, Chamber of Commerce.

Mission The Greenhouse Project is a non-profit Nevada Corporation and our mission is: Growing, giving and teaching for a healthier and greener community.

Vision The vision of The Greenhouse Project is to broaden its mission of growing healthful produce for the underserved of our community. We also provide work-based learning opportunities in greenhouse and garden settings that promote wellness and career opportunities for local students and other community youth and adults.




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