FAQ – Post #1

Here are some questions that came in this week:

Question: In Section 1: Statement of need, the way it is worded left it a bit open to focusing on more than one need.  Do you intend for groups to focus on 1 need (idea), or can they pick 2?

GREENevada answer: We left it open for each group to decide which and how many needs to address.

Question: In Section 4: Budget, it was a little confusing because it says, “how will you fund your project?”  We were a bit confused on this because we were under the impression that the goal was to win the money to fund the project.  We understand that we need to show specific costs and how exactly the funds would be allocated, but were not clear on if we actually need to come up with funding on our own…..

GREENevada answer: We would love to fund each and every project in whole. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of money yet. So, if you don’t win the money from GREENevada, how will you fund the project? You don’t need to secure these funds ahead of time. We just want to give your group the opportunity to think about funding, so that if you don’t receive what you need from the competition, your project won’t necessarily die. Show us that you’ve thought about it.

Question: Is there an age limitation?  Some members of our club are middle-schoolers. Can they participate?

GREENevada answer: Team advisors are welcome to make the call to include younger students in the project. There is no specific age limitation for participants.



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