Golden Pinecone Awards 2016



GREENevada Hosts Community Environmental Awards Event

— Golden Pinecone Awards 2016 to be Held at PepperMill on November 1


Reno, NV. – June 8,  2016.  Local nonprofit GREENevada announced that it will host the Golden Pinecone Awards 2016 to honor outstanding organizations and individuals for their achievements toward improving and sustaining the environment.


The Golden PineCone Awards is a legacy event initiated by Environmental Leadership and run for more than 25 years by Environmental Leadership, Nevada EcoNET and more recently greenUP!  The Golden PineCone Awards 2016 and dinner are being hosted by GREENevada and will take place on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada.


GREENevada is seeking nominations for the Golden Pinecone Environmental Awards.  Winners will be chosen in each of the following eight (8) categories:

  • Individual / Volunteer
  • Nonprofit Organization or Federal/State Agency
  • Small Business
  • Medium to Large Business
  • Public Figure/Servant (elected or appointed official)/ Agency Representative
  • Youth Leadership
  • Educational Programming
  • Educator


Nomination forms are online: .  Winners from the past 5 years are not eligible, but updated resubmissions are encouraged for previous nominations.  The same individual or organization may be nominated for more than one category.  Nominations must be received by 12 p.m., on Tuesday, August 30.


The awards recognize individuals and organizations for their efforts to make our community environmentally healthy and safe, and to promote sustainable living practices.  Awards will be presented on November 1 at the Golden Pinecone Awards 2016 Ceremony.  Winners will be selected by a panel composed of community environmental experts and leaders.

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