KTMB’s Warriors Youth Education


Fifth grade students from Natchez Elementary School soak in the facts about trash while watching KTMB’s Waste Warriors video.

KTMB’s Warriors Youth Education Series has now been made available online for educators in North
ern Nevada to use in their
classrooms. The Warriors curricula is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Nevada Academic Content Standards.

The series includes three educational units; Waste, Weed and Watershed Warriors. Each unit introduces students to environmental problems common to all urban communities, and empowers them with the knowledge they need to take simple steps toward positive change.

Waste Warriors introduces students grades 3-5 to the waste stream, and shows how they can affect their community by reducing their waste to the landfill, battle litter and illegal dumping, and make informed choices about what they buy and the waste their purchases create.

Weed Warriors, designed in partnership with Sierra Nevada Journeys (SNJ) and The Nevada Department of Agriculture, introduces students grades 4 – 6 to the problems of invasive weeds, and shows how they can affect their community by identifying and reporting noxious weeds, reducing their spread, and making informed choices about what plants belong in their yard.

Watershed Warriors, also designed in partnership with SNJ, introduces students grades 3 – 5 to the Truckee River Watershed, shows how it is different from other systems in the country, and the reasons why river stewardship is paramount to the community.

Each unit includes:

  • A dynamic video and engaging lesson plans
  • Curriculum free for teachers to download
  • Pre and Post student assessments
  • Completely designed lessons free for teachers to use before and after the program
  • Alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Program fees are based on a sliding scale to meet the needs of all schools.

KTMB educators are also available to visit schools and present on Warriors Education lessons. To request a presentation, visit ktmb.org/warriors-request/.  To download the curriculum or to learn more about the Warriors Education Series, visit ktmb.org/education/.
“What I’m doing to be a Waste Warrior is using the three R’s! I’ve been using them by recycling a lot now, reusing steel water bottles at school and in sports, and ever since your presentation, my trash has really reduced!” – Sepulveda Elementary School Student


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