Single-stream recycling begins in Reno this month

WMSingleStreamThis month, Reno residents are getting a step closer to single-stream recycling as Waste Management starts deliver curbside carts – more than 62,000 altogether. Pickup of the carts is set to start the beginning of February.

The program is only in Reno, but single-stream might be getting closer in Sparks as well: A story in The Sparks Tribune today says the City of Sparks has submitted a proposal to Waste Management about single-stream, so a change there could be on the horizon.

For Reno residents, here’s what you need to know.

– You can start using your new recycling cart on your first recycling day in February (until then, keep using your yellow and green bins).

– The first day you use your cart, you can also put out your yellow and green bins for collection.

– More recyclables can go in the cart and you no longer have to separate! Here’s what can go into the bin:

  • paper,
  • newspaper,
  • magazines,
  • junk mail,
  • glass (unbroken food containers),
  • aluminum cans,
  • steel cans,
  • plastics numbered 1-7 (all hard plastics – NO SHOPPING BAGS),
  • cardboard and paperboard (like cereal boxes).

– If you didn’t select your cart sizes, it’s too late now as delivery has started, but you will get another chance in a couple of months.

– You’ll also get 20 Excess Waste Stickers (12 in fall, 8 in spring) for extra trash.

– You’ll get to dispose of one standard pickup bed of municipal solid waste four times per year at no cost at one of the two Waste Management landfills.

If you have questions about single-stream recycling, you can call Waste Management at 775-329-8822, or visit the special site they set up just for you:

If you have questions about where to recycle other items, check out KTMB’s Recycling Guide!


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