A Busy Week at GREENevada!

Student VIP passesThis was an exciting week for GREENevada organizations and students across Washoe County! On August 22nd, 5th and 6th graders from Bailey Charter School took a field trip to Urban Roots to learn about sustainable alternatives from solar power to composting.  The energy experts at Black Rock Solar provided a hands-on lesson on building solar arrays.  Students were able to see this form of energy in work, as Urban Roots farm is powered solely by a 2.9 kilowatt rooftop array installed by Black Rock Solar, already saving tons of greenhouse gases!

After receiving a tour, viewing some familiar and new vegetables, and petting some chickens, students learned about compost and found worms in the vermipost.  By lunchtime, students were able to think critically about the different ways energy is used to power appliances and produce foods.

Edward C. Reed High School was also the site of an exciting GREENevada event this week as well.  Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) presented a special screening of their educational video campaign “Waste Warriors” Tuesday night at Reed High.

The eight minute video featured  5th grade and Reed High School Eco Warrior Club students, who  shared information about local and national trends in waste.  On camera, the students were proud to introduce solutions to manage the mounting problem of waste in landfills.  By the end of the video, each participant declared themselves “Waste Warriors,” something everyone can become to combat trash in our community.

The video was a culmination of KTMB’s efforts to beautify our community while educating the next generation about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  A panel of key project partners representing KTMB, granting agencies such as Wells Fargo and Waste Management, Kelly Barber and Cathy Schmidt_ from the Washoe County School District (WCSD),  along with students involved in the film addressed an audience of interested community members, dedicated teachers, and proud parents.  The Reed High Eco Warriors student group was key to the programs success in working with KTMB, as a GREENevada school focused on environmental education.

Students from Waste WarriorsAs part of the Waste Warriors educational campaign, curriculum is available for 3rd – 5th grade teachers to use in their classrooms.  The supplemental unit will encourage students to think critically about issues related to wasteful behavior and pollution, while incorporating the latest education standards.  “New standards for teachers lead to integrated, innovative learning” Kelly Barber, STEM Coordinator for WCSD said with promise, while Waste Warriors also touches on Next Generation Science, Common Core, and Nevada State standards for science, math, literacy, language arts, and social studies.  Through Waste Warriors, students gain a multifaceted educational experience, as they are exposed to real life issues affecting their community. Students will beempowered to create and implement solutions, fostering civic engagement for the future.

The school year is off to a great, green start here in Washoe County, and there is much to look forward to as we prepare for the GREENevada Student and Teacher Leadership Retreat on September 26th through 29th!


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