Incline High Generation Green Club Plastic Footprint Project

Guest blogger: Makayla Jones, Incline High School Generation Green Club

IMG_8831The Plastic Footprint project was created to raise awareness about harm that single use plastic causes the environment. The idea came from my art teacher, Anne Clark, who was shocked by the number of plastic water bottles left in her classroom by students. She decided to build a sculpture of a foot squishing the earth and leaving a footprint. The foot is covered with plastic bottles and overflowing with trash at the top, it represents all the plastic that causes harm to the earth. The earth in the sculpture is made all from trash (which I think is a little ironic). The footprint represents leaving a mark on the earth, only about 25% of plastic gets recycled and everything else is thrown into landfills or left as litter! The main goal for this project is to show people how much single use plastic really does affect the world. Everyone can make a difference with a few simple life changes such carrying a reusable water bottle and bringing your own bags to the store.

This sculpture has been a community project and everyone was welcome to help. Third graders from Incline elementary school, several kids from Incline high school, teachers and community members all pitched in their hands. The Plastic Footprint will be brought to burning man, Squaw Valley institute and a many other places TBA. My favorite part about working on this project was seeing who really wanted to be involved and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Many people helped at the beginning, and only a select few held out till the end. It was great working with everyone, and I really enjoyed trying to spread the word about not using single use plastic!


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