Get #watersmart with Great Basin Outdoor School

Today was the final day of Great Basin Outdoor School’s spring science camps and day field studies with a big focus on our watershed—how to protect it and the importance of conserving water. Teachers can now register classes for fall and winter programs to give more studenKathy, Harold, Prophetts a chance to study aboard a research boat, volunteer on projects to help keep Tahoe blue, and to snowshoe through our Sierra snowpack as they learn how it stores our water for the rest of the year. 

Activities such as Project WET’s “Drop in a Bucket” help students understand the very limited availability of fresh water in the world. You’ll see how much fun all this water study is on Great Basin Outdoor School’s six minute video.

YOU can learn and be inspired to conserve water by watching “Thirst”, a short but impressive slide show. (It’s 16MB, so give it a moment to download.)


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